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cousins & hugs

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It had to be done i’m not sorry at all


Cartoon Network Amazone -Soft Opening-
13.08.2014 @ Pattaya, Thailand


bombadefuego asked: Ivan do U feel like a million bucks tho that is the answer we all want to hear



I feel like $65.39

DMV worker:What's your name
Lady:Lady Rainicorn
DMV worker:I'm sorry we don't accept formal titles. What's your first name
DMV worker:You cannot be serious right now
Lady:I can contact my parents if you still doubt me
DMV worker:That won't be necessary
Lady:Very well then. When do I get my license?
DMV worker:After the driving test but would you like to inform me as to why you want a drivers license when you can fly pretty much anywhere
Lady:My galpal Princess Bubblegum recommended I get one. It makes people think you're more grown up than you actually are
DMV worker:I see...and how old are you?
Lady:About Thirty-ish but I look young for my age
DMV worker:Alright. What's you're occupation?
Lady:Well I do enjoy getting involved in politics. I used to serve as the Princess' advisor.
DMV worker:Ma'am we need your current occupation not ones that you had in the past
Lady:The thing is, I haven't really thought of getting a job since I had my kids
DMV worker:How old are your kids?
Lady:Um...around Thirty-ish
DMV worker:Okay and...hang on a sec. How can you have thirty year old children if you're thirty yourself?
Lady:Whoops. My mistake. They're only a year old. They just look and act like jaded adults
DMV worker:Then are you actually thirty?
Lady:That's what I said. You ask too many questions
DMV worker:Moving on, do you have any likes or dislikes?
Lady:Well, I am awfully fond of my granddaughter. She turned out much better than any of my kids
DMV worker:...
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